Good news. Microsoft has another operating system in the works, and that means yet another attempt has been made by the programmers at Redmond to hash up a new species of Office.

This time, in the form of Office 2007, it’s going to be different and it’s going to be better, they promise.

One thing is certain – everyone will use it. Office is a household product as much a part of the fabric of civilization as shoe polish, boil-in-the-bag fish and ballpoint pens, and even more profitable for its creators.

Word has been a messy mediocrity of toolbars and unfathomable menus for more than a decade, and is now so despicable that the only reason I use it is to remind myself that the average worker in a modern company has to suffer using it. Have there been any innovations in that time? Yes - the ability to use white text on a blue screen.

And the big idea for Word 2007 is, unbelievably, tabbing. It’s been around for years on websites and, more recently, in browsers, and now Microsoft has cottened on. Still, we can but hope that the new version banishes what seems like a software aeon of decline.

The other big idea for Word 2007? It comes in a number of colour schemes, silver, blue and black. At this point I will resist the temptation to be sarcastic. Read about this development from one of its designers.

Excel? I won’t hear a word against that application, but it now has tabbing too. If you can stand the idea of a 550mb download, then it can be downloaded here. It won’t interfere with any versions of Office currently on a PC but won’t work beyond the next January.