Budget Day: a time to reflect on the implications for IT.

But this is not just about the headline stuff - the money made available for laying down a broadband network (although exactly what money's available and when, has been called into question) or the £750m investment fund that's being offered to support emerging technologies, but about what's been left behind.

The collapsing financial markets have left a hole in the UK's economy that needs to be filled. It's great that there's talk of some investment in a broadband infrastructure and there's some cash going to high-tech but it would have been a great opportunity to make a new move to provide a boost to IT.

It's almost like starting with Year Zero, so why not go for a radical overhaul. Some money for an overhaul of ITY training, providing closer links with what industry needs and what academia offers would have been helpful. Or perhaps some incentives to allow employers let their staff retrain or learn new skills.

And if the government were really serious about green issues and cutting carbon emisssions, it was the time to provide more incentives for homeworking, cutting commuting time and the associated use of transport. It could have introduced tougher penalties on power consumption within workplaces, tackling inefficient machines and setting out new policies on consumption.

IT is going to play a significant part in this country's economy, from the point of view of providing services and products, from improving business efficiency and providing jobs. One day, we might get a budget that reflects that importance.