Michael Wallace wrote recently in his blog about whether it was environmentally ethical to fly overseas to a meeting.

I've just started consulting for a company in Jersey, in the test department for its new software product. For the first few weeks at least, I'll have to be on-site in order to grill people about how stuff works and put together the test environment. This means flying over to Jersey on a Monday and back on a Friday.

I couldn't help sniggering the other day, though, as I went to board my FlyBe Q400 Dash-8 at Norwich. By the entry door there's one of those "green credentials" signs that you get on fridges. You know the ones - they have a series of bands labelled from A to G.

I'm pleased to say that my Dash-8 was a grade "A". I somehow suspect it uses a little more power than my fridge, but it's a neat idea, and it made me smile.