The furore over the memory leak 'bug' in Windows 7 appears to be dying down. There's little doubt that the fault identified by Infoworld and others needs to be fixed but a closer look has revealed that nothing should delay the launch of Windows 7 and the quick reaction by Microsoft president Steve Sinofksy has stopped excessive speculation.

It’s been an interesting exercise observing how a relative minor bug developed, in some people’s eyes, into a full-blown crisis.  It was rather like the old Kremlinologists eagerly detecting when a person from a parade with a heavy cold was in fact already on his way out. Except this time, it really was a cold - and not a particularly heavy one at that.

The other interesting part of the whole episode is that the Sinofksy chose to make his public statement on the Chris's123NT blog. We’ve long gone from the days when a public statement from Microsoft had to be filtered through a whole channel of flacks and spin doctors. By making his statement on the comments page of a non-Microsoft blog, Sinofsky changed the ground rules. I can't wait for the day when Steve Ballmer comments on an open-source blog .