Opsview V4 can be used to monitor any service that is installed on an already configured Windows host. By service, we mean anything listed in the MMC of “services.msc”. Opsview can monitor the status, and confirm whether it is in the state it should be - i.e. started or not started.

In this example we will be using Microsoft Exchange 2010’s IMAP4 service and we will be monitoring to make sure that the service is started (running).

There are default service checks already in Opsview for Microsoft Exchange 2007 which can be enabled and added as "Monitors" under the Host configuration. It is noteworthy that some of the names of the Services have changed between Exchange versions, for example POP3 and IMAP4 services.

As the service name has changed for IMAP4 in Microsoft Exchange 2010, we will go and create a new service check and apply it to our host running MS Exchange 2010 as below:

1. Go to run and type "services.msc".


2. Find the service you are looking for, i.e. "Microsoft Exchange IMAP4", and double click on it.

3. Within the new window, there will be a "Service Name", in this case it is "MSExchangeImap4". This is the service we will be monitoring.


4. Now, within Opsview, go to:

"SETTINGS > SERVICE CHECKS", and click the green 'plus' icon in the top right.


5. We will now create our Windows service check, to monitor the status of IMAP4 on our server. In the text boxes, populate the fields accordingly:

  • Name is the name of the service, i.e. " Microsoft Exchange IMAP service "
  • Service group is "Windows - Exchange Server 2010", for example.

6. Set the check intervals and re-check intervals applicably.

7. Make sure we set the plugin to "check_nrpe".

8. In the arguments section, change the section to

"-H $hostaddress$ -c nsc_check_servicestate -a "ShowAll MSExchangeImap4=started".

“Started” is underlined, as this is the STATE of the service we want the service to be. When the service is in this state, we will report green (i.e. good), when it is NOT in this state, we will report red (i.e. bad).


9. Press Submit, and the new service check to monitor IMAP4 on MS Exchange 2010 servers is now created.  Now all we need to do is apply this new check to our MS host which is running Exchange 2010. 

10. Go to "SETTINGS > HOSTS > HOST" (where HOST is the name of your Windows Server).

11. In the HOST, click on "Monitors", and then scroll down to our new group - in this case "Windows - Exchange Server 2010", and enable the new check we created "Microsoft Exchange IMAP service".

Press submit again, and the new service check is applied to our host.


12. Now we just need to re-load the configuration; " SETTINGS -> APPLY CONFIGURATION".