Surveys often throw up odd results.

But what are we to make of the Symantec survey that reveals that a third of IT managers think that virtualisation is going to make their infrastructure more insecure, a third less insecure and a third thinks it will make little difference.It's hard to recall a survey that has such wildly divergent views. And this isn't a few people in a room - this is more than 2000 senior IT people being questioned.

While VMware and the other virtualisation vendors talk up their successes in penetrating new markets, Messrs Fear Uncertainty and Doubt still stalk the land, that's the only reason that there could be so much confusion about a single technology.

The companies who think that virtualisation causes more insecurity must have a sizeable security problems already - moving the infrastructure from physical to virtual is not going to remove the problem.

There was one aspect ot the Symantec survey that was much more scary - 20 percent of respondents had companies where employees could buy their own equipment be it PC or smarthphone and connect to the company network - 52 percent of IT managers do find that a concern, which means that 48 percent of them don't - they either have very good security software or very, very well-trained and tech-savvy employees.

The point is that most organistions do have well-formulated, well-planned, well-implemented security polices; some don't. To start blaming particularly technology is missing the point.