Last year I moved into a cottage that didn't have anything resembling a phone line, let alone Broadband. A colleague had at this time been waiting a number of weeks to have his Broadband installed, and the light at the end of the tunnel was getting no larger as time went by.

Since I'm the third-line on-call guy for 50% of the time (which means I don't get called very often, but when I do it's a doozy) and being right at the end of the island, I figured that 3G was the way to go. So I bought myself a DrayTek ADSL router that has a USB port that accepts most of the popular 3G adaptors (the Vigor 2820n, if you're interested) and had a go.

Worked like a charm. Here on our small rock we have decent 3G broadband speeds, as you don't need many masts and exchanges to cover 45 square miles, and I was more than happy with the performance. Not only that, but when the Broadband did get delivered I was able to set the router up to use the 3G as a backup in the event of an ADSL problem.

I learned from one of our local telcos last week that “machine to machine 3G” is one of the up-coming things that a lot of organisations are starting to do. He sounded a little put out when I told him I'd been doing it for months ...