One company certainly hasn't been resting easy since the appearance of the iPad.

There have been two divergent states: either praising the device to the skies as the the saviour of the book/inewspaper industry or dismissive comments along the line of oversized phone and a product looking for a purpose. Citrix, however, has had other ideas.

The company has released a Windows 7 desktop client that offers the iPad users a chance to run the device with Windows. The software is based on Citrix's Receiver software for the iPhone but the bigger screen making it more acceptable for business applications.

While this will seem like sacrilege to many Apple users, there's a purpose to it. For a start, and most importantly, Citrix claims that this will allow the user to multi-task. At first step, this looked like a dubious claim as the lack of multitasking is surely tied into the iPad architecture but, thinking about it, it's cleverer than that, what the Citrix software is doing is allowing the iPad to run as a thin client to the processing back to a Windows 7 server - so it's not the iPad itself that's doing the multitasking but the Citrix software itself. Rather neat.

It also means that the user has one of the classiest thin clients in existence, all the style and design skills of Apple with the wider possibilities offered by WIndows. I'm sure we'll see mobile devices being used as a client for server-based applications in future - provided that the network is up to it .

There will no doubt be many Apple supporters who will wonder about the point of this. They do have a point, more than any other company, Apple looks for that perfect balance between hardware and operating system, between usability and applications.And of course, if users are opting for applications delivered by other means, they're not going to be buying from the iPad store.  But the real world, particularly the business world, is not Apple so the company's excellence in overall computing experience is largely irrelevant.

I had a friend of mine complain bitterly the other day that he'd bought his son a new Macbook the other day, only to find that the little terror had installed Windows 7 on it - presumably to increase his gaming options. It seems like the lad was on to something after all.