BT has sent out a marketing mailshot for its Business IT Manager service - one of those services where they look after your technology for you and deal with your IT problems.

The mailshot takes the form of a little card flyer in a polythene wrapper ... with a pair of red pants with "IT" emblazened on the front.

No, I'm not joking.

Actually someone somewhere in the BT marketing department has a pretty cool sense of humour. First of all, if you're wondering what size they are, think "petite" or perhaps "elfin". My build, for those who've not seen me in the flesh, is probably best described as "not all that small", and in a quick trial (well, one has to do these things) I just about managed to get them above my knees. (Note to the editor: sorry Max, I know you're not going to be able to get that picture out of your head for a long time).

The best bit, though, is the label inside, which has symbols such as "Wash at 30 degrees" alongside the instruction: "Wash separately from tights and cape". Superb touch, that.

I'm also reassured that my new undergarment is "Low flammability to BS5722", though since the BS5722 is the "Specification for flammability performance of fabrics and fabric combinations used in nightwear garments", one can't help wondering whether (and, more to the point, why) BT wants me to wear my pants to bed.

BT: well done for a very clever and witty marketing campaign. I'm not going to buy your service, but your campaign was sufficiently novel for me to write about it here - and I'll be proudly showing off my pants to my new colleagues in Jersey when I'm back over there on Monday.

But perhaps you didn't need to know that last bit.