Nemertes' warnings about the collapse of the Internet have become a yearly occurence like the first cuckoo or Mark Viduka's return from injury.

The latest dire warnings about Internet brownouts and go-slows have garnered plenty of coverage from the mainstream media such as The Times and The Telegraph but the effect is diminished by the fact that Nemertes have got some form here. In 2007, Nemertes warned that the Internet was heading for breakdown in 2010; in 2008 we were heading for breakdown in 2012 and now... well, apocalypse is nigh.

These dire warnings can't help but remind of the most famous Internet prediction of all - Ethernet inventor Bob Metcalfe's prophecy that the Internet would collapse in 1996. In one of the most famous moments in the early history of the Internet, Metcalfe literally ate his words and Internet sages have refrained making such rash predictions ever since.

The Internet, which let's not forget was orginally developed to survive all sorts of catastrophes, is remarkably robust and these sort of predictions remind me of the warnings doled out in the early days of railways - when would-be prophets suggested that people would be pulled apart by the speed of the trains.Of course, the Internet is still relatively new but it has coped with the massive growth over the past 15 years and there's no reason to suppose that this can't continue - there's plenty more capacity being made available.

There are plenty of people wanting these predictions to come true - mainly provides who wish to customers would pay extra for their Internet delivery but nothing has happened yet and I suggest that we'll be hearing from them next year - while the Internet stays up and running.