Hull Trains WiFi Single Sign Up service has won the 2014 Travel Project of the Year trophy at the 2014 Techworld Awards.

The FirstGroup project on Hull Trains enables the customer to enjoy "a seamless and consistent WiFi experience throughout their entire journey and all subsequent journeys, enabling the customer to register once per device".

Hull Trains free WiFi service
Hull Trains free WiFi service

Editor-in-Chief of Techworld, Mike Simons, praised the programme for bringing together a number of stakeholders, including BSkyB's 'The Cloud' network, as well as ITV and Cap Media for providing catch-up video content when in range of access points at Hull Station.

Simons was also impressed that the Hull Trains WiFi trial could be rolled out by FirstGroup, the owners and operators of Hull Trains, across its extensive network to provide free WiFi to rail users.

Duncan Waugh, First Group's Head of UK Rail IS, said: "Carrying customers at high speed over long distances while at the same time delivering a high-quality WiFi service presents major technical challenges, and I am looking forward to seeing this service in widespread use across FirstGroup."

Lauren McKenzie, Digital Customer Experience Manager for WiFi and Mobile at First Group, said: "We strive to provide a unique experience for all our passenger, and are proud to offer access to entertainment through their personal devices and an improved WiFi connection with the introduction of Single Sign On.

"We look forward to expanding the content and service even further in the near future, collaborating with our passengers to deliver a personalised experience."

Techworld Awards winners Hull Trains with judge and Editor-in-Chief Mike Simons