I have one of those all-in-one printer/scanner/fax machines in my office - an HP one that I bought quite a few years ago, and which is still going strong.

Obviously I have to buy ink cartridges every so often. Until now each cartridge has been packaged in a little card packet, which is great - when you use the cartridge, the packet goes in the recycling box for the council to do their thing with.

Last week I went to buy a new cartridge, and the packaging has changed. The little card packet is still the same ... but for some weird reason that's now encased in a sealed plastic blister pack.

My council doesn't have a plastic recycling facility yet.

Come on, HP! Why on earth have you gone from a pretty green, recyclable package to one that (a) has more packaging than used to be the case; and (b) isn't recyclable?