The move by Salesforce to start integrating its software with Twitter as an indication of how closely the barriers between private life and business life are becoming blurred. Or more accurately, how businesses are fast adopting the notions of social networking to use them for their own ends.

Salesforce's forthcoming integration of Saleslogic with Twitter demonstates how the the use of a technology intended for consumer use can make sense in a business environment. First, it was companies discovering Facebook, now it's Twitter.

What's more scary is how the rate of change is speeding up - Twitter is less than two years old but has already started to make its way into the corporate mainstream. It took much longer for businesses to find a use for social networking applications such as Facebook - and even longer for tech such as instant messaging to move from the boundaries of teenagers.

Of course, there have been plenty of IT companies who have already adopted Twitter and use it to inform partners, customers, resellers and journalists as to what they're doing but Salesforce takes it a stage further, it's about integrating the microblogging software within the business application itself. That's an approach that's not been widely taken. It's a smart move and one I'm sure wiill be replicated by other companies.

In today's economic climate, anything that gives an added edge will be quickly snapped up - there are plenty of organisations out there who have been deeply suspicious of anything that smacks of what, for shorthand sake, we can call the Web 2.0 world. I think they're wrong and they're the ones who will be turning to the technology rather late in the day. Salesforce thinks that the use of Twitter will be useful for companies serving the teenage market but I'm sure that we'll soon see a change there. After all, I remember when mobile phones were for financial whizzkids, not for everyone, and that the idea of displaying a mobile number was anathema. How quickly times change.