A week, said Harold Wilson, is a long time in politics. And judging by recent announcements, two months is a long time in technology.

Yesterday, EMC announced that it was ceasing to support its iAtmos cloud storage product, rather remarkably, just two months ago the EMC CEO was bigging up Atmos as the future - I guess the future just got a lot smaller.

EMC is not alone in this of course, the previous day Microsoft announced that it was withdrawing its Kin mobile phone.- that had even shorter run, it was only released two months ago, so it's had a brief lifespan. In fact, I find it hard to think of a product that has had a shorter shelf-life.

In many ways, the Microsoft decision will surprise no-one. Microsoft is faced with an ever-declining share of the mobile market and the company has spent a great deal of time and effort in making its products popular but, rather like the England manager rotating his squad, the products always end like Emile Heskeys.

The cloud decision is a bit stranger - this after all is supposedly the fast emerging technology and it does look counter-intuitive to pull out. What's even more concerning is that the company is offering no guarantees that users will be able to access data that's been held on Atmos in the future. Apart from security, the question as to what will happen if a company goes bust or discontinues a service is one of the biggest worries that users have about cloud. EMC's move is not going to help any organisation that is trying to sell cloud computing, let alone cloud storage, as it seems that some of the worst fears are going to be realises.

EMC justifies its move by pointing to the fact that it was competing against its own service providers; but that's hardly likely to mollify organisations trying to dip their toes into cloud storage.

The Atmos adventure seems to herald a worrying trend? Companies looking to take a product on board need to know whether it's going to be around for some time to come. Moves like EMC's are going to make CIOs very jittery.

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