The row of the cloud computing manifesto is brewing up nicely.

There's a delicious irony about Microsoft complaining about a lack of openness and about a group of vendors ganging up to exclude others - it's rather like Sir Alex Ferguson complaining about Man Utd players being tapped up or Catherine Zeta Jones moaning about press intrusion. 

However, we can't even savour that irony as Microsoft's complaints don't appear to be justified; one of the manifesto authors has pointed out Microsoft was invited to comment at a very early stage, indeed was one of the first "we've been in active discussions with Microsoft about the open cloud manifesto which has literally come together in the last couple weeks. It is unfortunate they feel this way. Microsoft was among the first to review the manifesto", said Reuven Cohen.

It is understandable that tio get such an initiative off the ground, there needs to be some preliminary discussion and, by its nature, that's not going to include everyone but, of course, there needs to be a wider discussion, and of course, that should include Microsoft, one of the major players in this space. Microsoft's idea of a Cloud Wiki is a good one, one that's well worth exploring as it's notion of the conference.

But it's Microsoft's sense of injustice that will rankle most with industry obeservers. It's nothing new to hear about large vendors distorting the standards process and attempting to promote their particular technologies - that's exactly what Microsoft was accused of during last year's OOXML standardisation push. A process that earned standards body ISO a lot of criticism for what was seen as yielding too easily to Microsoft's demands.

There are large issues at stake here: cloud computing is set to be a pervasive technology for some time to come. According to IT iconoclast, Nicholas Carr, it's set to be the dominant technology, one that will completely reshape IT departments for years to come. So the companies that lead the way now, will be well set to hold a dominate position. Microsoft knows what the stakes are and is going to make its influence felt - one way or another.