As many readers will know, I earn a crust as a technology consultant. Last November, I went to work for a new client for three months. It's now June, and I'm still there - in fact I've recently been asked to stay until the middle of September.

This seems to happen all the time: in quite a few recent contracts I've ended up staying several times longer than I've meant to be. Not that I'm complaining, of course - it beats having to go out and find a new employer every so often.

Here's a challenge to all you consultants and contractors out there, then: add a comment at the bottom of this blog entry and let us know the "stretchiest" contract you've had. If you've gone somewhere for a week and you're still there five years later, let us know. A fabulous Techworld brownie point (you didn't expect expensive prizes, did you?) for the biggest "contract stretch factor".