Google's introduction of Apps was a massive shockwave to the marketplace. For the first time, Microsoft had a competitor with real credibility trying to its business software lunch.The launch of the new Google Apps marketplace has taken Google Apps to a new level.

Google Apps has progressed at some pace since it was launched a few years ago, with many high profile companies now using it, and the new apps marketplace is only going to shake matters up even further.

Plaudits to Apple here - its apps marketplace for the iPhone has certainly whetted the appetite for third-party. While the company can be criticised for its over-rigorous control of apps, its initiative changed the way we think about software.

How far can this go? One of the aspects of IT that has intrigued me over the years has been the way that business computing and aspects of consumer computing have overlapped. I blogged two weeks ago about Marc Benioff's plea for business software to be more like Facebook. Now, we see a model originally adopted for a consumer device to being used to deliver enterprise software.

The pricing model for apps developers is a good one too. It may be true that Google is taking a hefty 20 percent of revenues but that's a low cost for a quick and easy channel to market. Certainly, the early signs are promising, Google has signed up some very significant players for its launch, with some major enterprise players like Cordys, Zoho and NetSuite joining the party.

This is going to be an interesting space to watch in future months as more developers jostle to be included - the entrprise software space could just have changed forever.

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