I've had BT Business Broadband for ages now, and just over a bit ago I discovered by accident that I could get a free upgrade from 1Mbit/s to 2Mbit/s. I just had to go to BT's site and fill in a form, and so long as I was agreeable to signing up for a further 12 months, I could have a free upgrade.

The logic behind the offer was simple: prices were coming down, so presumably instead of allowing me to have the same speed for less money, BT would prefer to take the same amount of money whilst making my service faster.

Anyhow, I noticed recently that my client's new ADSL lines (they've just moved office and have therefore had two new ones installed) were 8Mbit/s downstream and over 700Mbit/s upstream - a noticeable improvement. So I found myself wondering whether the same old URL would get me a free upgrade.

And it did. I filled it in a week or so ago, and nominated today as the go-live date (I've been out of the office all week, and I prefer to be present for system changes). Lo and behold, I now have 7616Kbit/s downstream and 832Kbit/s upstream. The only cost involved was for me to buy a new ADSL modem to sit between the socket and the firewall - the clockwork BT-supplied one can't cope with 8Mbit/s - but for £22 plus shipping I wasn't overly bothered.

So if you've an old, slowish BT business broadband line and you're craving more electrons, have a look at http://www.btbroadbandoffice.com/speedupgrades - so long as your line can take the extra speed, you might well be able to upgrade for nowt.