The sun rises, the sun sets. Careers blossom, careers end. Sun has abruptly changed the boss of its data management group. Jonathan Schwartz, Sun CEO has replaced Mark Canepa, the executive VP of Sun's Data Management Group, with David Yen, described as the executive VP of Sun's Storage Group. Yen was the EVP in charge of Sparc systems. His colleague, John Fowler, was EVP X64 systems. Fowler now runs the combined Sparc and X64 business, reporting to Schwartz, and Yen runs the Storage Group, also reporting to Schwartz.

With McNealy handing over to Schwartz, Sun has instituted a refreshed executive team with Rich Green becoming the software head and Michael Lehman rejoining Sun as CFO. Don Grantham has been made EVP global sales and services, and CTO Greg Papadopoulos has had his role expanded.

Canepa leaves Sun after ten years. He got this send off from Schwartz: "I want to thank Mark Canepa for years of extraordinary commitment and devotion to Sun." That's nice. Under Canepa's reign Sun storage has taken a battering from EMC and NetApp. IBM and HP have been relatively more successful in storage than Sun. Projects such as Honeycomb are coming in late and the assimilation of StorageTek has been problematical. Upping a virtual tape software team from 35 people to 3000 people almost smacks of panic. Previous StorageTek executives such as Brenda Zawatski, now at Pillar Data, have left. It looks like Schwartz decided the buck for this had to stop at Canepa's desk.

Less than two weeks after leading Sun's biggest storage announcement since the StorageTek acquisition, Canepa is out. He leaves for other unspecified opportunities. The implied renaming of the Data Management Group to the Storage Group may be significant with more emphasis being moved back to high-performance storage platforms away from highly-integrated storage and data management applications.

But the over-riding message is clear; Jonathan Schwartz wants Sun storage to do much better and thinks David Yen is the person to do it.