A while ago, I bought, from Dell, a new internal hard disk for my Dell laptop. I decided today that I'd get another new one, as I want to reinstall my world but (a) without blowing the old world away, just in case; and (b) the old disk I took out isn't big enough for all the stuff I need.

So I went to the Dell Web site and found the thing I needed. Except it says that it's an Origin product, not a Dell one. £131 plus shipping and VAT for an 80GB disk. So I figured I'd see if Origin sold direct to the punter on the street, and it seems that they do - for £115 plus shipping and VAT.

In the end I discovered that Origin do bigger disks, so I ordered a 100GB one as it's a tad more expensive but is 25% bigger and has a higher spindle speed. Not bad for £150 plus VAT (and shipping's free) - and if you're thinking "I could get a disk cheaper than that", bear in mind that this comes ready to fit, complete with the tray and the plastic bezel that matches the side of the computer and the audio sockets.

The moral of the story is: if you want bits for your Dell kit, have a shufti at http://www.originstorage.com/ as you can get the same stuff that Dell will sell you, but cheaper.

Oh, and is it only me that thinks 100GB is a ridiculously big amount of storage to fit into a tiny disk?