I was at Gatwick airport the other day, having a coffee and waiting for my flight to be called. This in itself was a frustrating thing to be doing, because most of the information screens in the upstairs bit of the departure lounge are on the blink, and have been for some weeks.

The first thing I noticed as I sat there the other day was that they're running on Compaq hardware. I knew this because they kept half-booting, and each sequence started with the Compaq logo across one of the screens.

Every so often, though, a screen would get far enough past the Compaq logo and the "Windows is checking your files" screen to give a glimpse of the real problem. Lo and behold, something I'd not seen for years: the Windows 95 boot logo.

So next time you're sitting at Gatwick, cursing the fact that you haven't a clue which gate you're meant to be at because all the screens are broken, at least you know why: they're running tired old steam-driven kit with a nastily ancient operating system on it.