IT suppliers and IT users are businesses large and small. Many are substantial businesses and we are all now conscious of the issue of global warming and climate change. We are beginning to look with more respect towards campaigning climate change and environmental groups, such as Friends of the Earth. Those groups would like business to become more sympathetic towards and caring of the environment.

But do they see business as a potential ally in the struggle to reverse environmental damage or do they see business as the enemy?

The tenor of Friends of the Earth's (FoE) thinking can be gleaned from its website, text from which is reproduced below. This website has a section about FoE's Corporates' Campaign.

It is abundantly obvious that FoE thinks big business is the enemy of environmentalism and responsible for much environmental damage. It shows little sophistication in its thinking and sees its role as campaigning to get public authorities to regain control over corporates. In terms of global warming, FoE shows little evidence of wanting any sort of dialogue at all with corporates.

What does this mean for IT manufacturers and suppliers and business IT users? It seems to me that FoE lumps us all together into corporates, there being no cut-off point in FoE's thinking where bad big business changeover to good not-big business.

Until FoE's thinking changes and becomes more sophisticated and realistic, my thinking is that I don't see it as a potentially useful partner for dialogue about green IT issues with the broad mass of business and, indeed, public sector IT users.