It was only a couple of months ago that Salesforce's Marc Benioff made an impassioned plea on Techcrunch for all enterprise software to be like Facebook.

It looks like someone was listening in Remond at least. As was announced yesterday, Microsoft has found a way to share documents on Facebook. The company's newly-released Docs application - Office remade especially for Facebook - looks to be a neat way to merge the world's most popular work productivity software with the world's most popular social networking site (and, in the US at least, the most popular site on the Internet, surpassing even Google).

And it's Google that Microsoft has clearly in its sights. Cleverly, Microsoft hasn't attempted to try to compete with Google Docs on its own terms - the mind boggles as to what sort of mess, Microsoft would have made of it - but by using Facebook.

While it's a neat idea, I do wonder about the limitation. Sharing documents is not like sharing photos, I do wonder whether there's much demand for collaborative working among friends. The appeal for Docs will really be in businesses, wanting a quick and easy document-sharing tool. But there still needs to be a bit of change in the way people see social media within enterprises: there are still many companies that clamp down on Facebook activity and businesses would have to embrace more enthusiastically a social media philosophy.

In his Techcrunch piece,.Benioff argued that enterprise applications should be made as easy to use as Facebook is. I'm not sure that we're getting there yet but Microsoft has taken a step down that road.

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