Does the world need another YouTube? Clearly the BBC is hoping we do because it's just invested millions in Project Canvas,,its attempt to bring video-on-demand to Freesat and Freeview. The new service, tentatively entitled YouView, will be seen as a way to offer a new range of services to viewers.

The project has been controversial with many rival organisations, who see such a move as being a long way from the BBC's original remit. But its emergence shows the way that organisations are changing their approach to media and while the BBC offering is for television viewers, such is the convergence between the technologies that what happens over satellite and cable is going to have an effect on computer networks too.

We're already seeing this effect with the rise in video use. According to the US magazine  Business Insider, last year saw a phenomenal rise in video traffic on Facebook. Traffic rose by 293 percent last year compared to YouTube's 124 percent rise (although clearly from a much, much lower base), a sure sign of the growing importance of the medium.

What does this mean for networks however? The more that the underlying infrastructure comes under strain, the more sluggish it becomes. And who knows what a strain a future network will be put under? There's obviously a growing need for video - let's hope there's the investment to support it too.

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