I'm sure you've all heard of "cybersquatting" - registering domain names in the hope that the people they "ought to" belong to will buy them from you.

Now, as everyone reading this no doubt knows, the new Companies Act received royal assent on 8 November. And one of the items included in the new Act is an easing of the rules relating to getting your company's name back.

Right now, if someone maliciously registered a company called David Cartwright Ltd, and I wanted to get that company name from them, I'd have to do it through the courts (costing many £ and lots of time). With the new Act, the process is made simpler (and thus much cheaper) - instead of going through the courts I'd simply apply to a new tribunal that's being set up for this purpose.

So it seems that the principle behind cybersquatting isn't unique to the high-tech world of domain names - and in fact it's so relevant to the real world of day-to-day business that parliament has had to bring in legislation to help stamp it out.