Is it just me or is the idea of  Cloud Computing awards rather strange? I know that they have them in the US too but it still strikes me as a bit weird.

After all, one of the main premises behind cloud computing is that enterprises no longer need to worry about products or how to configure them, it's the service that's important. And worrying about what products are behind that service makes as much sense as worrying about which manufacturer made the generators that power your domestic electricity or who provided the cable that went under the ground.

I can understand the reasoning behind SaaS software - that's clearly about how the software itself and the delivery process is almost incidental - but how does one differentiate between the levels of security provided by cloud providers or between storage offerings? And what happens as more cloud computing standards get adopted and it's even harder to differentiate?

I can also understand an award for the best cloud provider - although I'm not quite sure how that is defined. But the rest do leave me somewhat baffled.

Enterprises looking to the cloud are going to worry about several things: is my data safe? Am I going to get locked-in to a cloud vendor? What levels of service am I going to get? Services are absolutely key - products are the least of the worries. In fact, talking about them is rather old world technology - aren't we moving away from that?

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