Citrix is not a company that believes in doing things by halves. The company spent the first day of its Synergy Europe event in reeling off announcement after announcement - a strange strategy in many ways as some new products could get lost in all the hubbub. And that effect also bounces off some of its partners who have to make themselves heard against the noise.

> But with VMworld to start nexr week, Citrix must feel the need to get its retaliation in early - as the old rugby maxim has it.- before any announcements get lost in the general noise, But it's also fair to say that there's a genuine buzz surrounding Citrix. Earlier this year, IDC published figures to show that Citrix XenServer was outstripping both VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V in take-up, a whopping 290 percent growth (albeit from fifth position in the hypervisor market) while VMware increased its licences by just 19 percent (although Hyper-V also logged an impressive 215 percent, again from a small base). And of course, when it comes to addressing the desktop virtualisation space, Citrix is making even bigger strides).

So, it's against this background that Citrix CEO, Mark Templeman got the Synergy Europe event underway. His two hour presentation (with the help of various other Citrix managers) showed the range of the company's ambitions with a bewildering series of announcements. I counted eight new releases but I could have missed some.

This sort of bombardment means it's difficult to keep tabs on everything that was going on - and, as would be expected - some of the detail was sketchy but it all fitted together with a vision of where Citrix is going: a virtualised world where access could be from anywhere to either a cloud provider or a corporate desktop.some of its partners who have to make themselves heard against the noise.some of its partners who have to make themselves heard against the noise.

The VMWorld next week, there will be a different picture -that of a company, lord of all it surveys in the server virtualisation space and the winner of the hearts and minds of the enterprise. I'm not sure that it has the all-encompassing vision of Citrix, even if it clearly has the lead in server virtualisation, both in market share and technology. Two weeks, two contrasts and what a lot of noise in virtualisation.

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