Here's a great story on Social Blade today on, of all things, Cisco. A guy named Greg Justice has become a YouTube star with his "I am the World's Most Interesting Intern" series of videos. Justice will actually be a guest on the Social Blade Show at 7:00 PM Pacific tonight (July 22, 2010) if you want to check that out.

As its name implies, Social Blade is a blog that covers the world of social media. The fact that this video has had over 75K downloads is what brought it to the attention of Social Blade. But on Cisco Subnet, we know that Network World readers will "get" more of the jokes that Justice raps about concerning Cisco and his ultra cool internship at the company. While Justice is pretty excited about the fact that on day eight, he saw the president of Russia ... here are a few of my personal favorites:

"Working that 8 to 5 even though you hate to drive in traffic. Heading to a campus of buildings that all look alike. Why do all the buildings look alike ?!?!" (If you've ever had a meeting with someone in Building M you would find that hilarious. Not only do all the buildings look alike, they aren't completely organized in alphabetical order.)

Readers will love the bit about the acronyms, too ... bonus points for the first one who can tell me what every one of those means. (Post a comment and then e-mail me with your contact info ...[email protected] ... and I'll find a gift to send you.)

Here is another video in Justice's World's Most Interesting Intern series, from Cisco Live.

There are a few more by Justice in the series including:

World’s Most Interesting Intern (HealthPresence)

Double Rainbow: World’s Most Interesting Intern

This guy, who says he works for Cisco and is only 24, but doesn't mention his name, posted this video as an invitation to Justice to join a Rap Crew with him.

Still, he's funny, too. Best line: "When I spit rhymes I'm in it to win. And I know all the same little acronyms."

But other Cisco interns want to prove that they, too, are ultra cool and love their Cisco summer gig. In contrast to Justice's rap sound, intern Jason Belk (not sure the spelling ...) went folksy in his Ode, "We aren't just IT." (but only 275 YouTube views for Jason ... and doesn't have the star power as Justice's raps. So I'm linking to it, not posting it ... as is the case with the rest of these videos).

It's called CISCO IT EDITION: I Am The World's Most Interesting Intern.

A woman in the Cisco Events team that declares that she works for The Coolest Department in Cisco.

A young woman who works with Telepresence team says she's got a better story than the president of Russia ... she's got a photo op with Guy Kawasaki. She wrote her subtitles in code, too.

These aren't the first rap songs dedicated to Cisco. Who could forget the the song with the catchy title "Cisco Catalyst 6509 NetFlow Rap."

I'll give a nod to the cute Cisco Rap-smaller video as well, done by a young student studying for the CCNA.

And there are about a dozen other Cisco employees all recording their own rap tunes and posting them to YouTube in an attempt at Justice-like fame.