The vClone launch from Iomega has almost disappeared in the welter of announcements from CES but it's an interesting launch - almost too interesting to be launched so early in the year when people are still feeling their way back to work. The idea of vClone is providing

The idea of having a whole desktop on a USB stick is an exciting one as it cracks a lot of the problems of working from multiple desktops - no need for remote login software, just clone an entire PC - in other words, your files and all your drives are carried with you. And the best bit of all is that any changes that are made while working on a 'guest machine' can be saved in vClone and synched with your master machine. It's a technology that's only available through Iomega at the moment but I suspect that VMware will look at licensing software to other media vendors soon.

And what a boon for employees who want to work from home or anywhere remotely. So, those workers who don't want to brave the journey to work (or have and are stuck in a car somewhere) would still have access to work files. Perhaps it is a good idea to launch it now after all.