As the whole world knows now, the iPad made its appearance in the US at the weekend. It's an event that some Apple fan boys place second only to the Second Coming - although I expect some of the more dedicated enthusiasts would place the iPad's appearance as even higher.

One aspect about the iPad that does divide users, is how much presence they'll have in the workdplace. As we've reported, Citrix is keen to use the iPad with business applications such as GoToMeeting, but so far, companies looking to offer business apps have been few and far between.

The iPad is a useful consumer device, although the slightly disappointing sales of 300,000 on its first day suggest that there only a certain amount of Apple fan boys to go round. Slightly disappointing as there was no report of shortages as shops ran low on stocks.

I keep hearing talk of organisations wanting to use them but I wonder how much of that is wishful thinking by executives wanting a new toy to play with.  I'm genuinely interested to know whether any large organisations are set to adopt iPads as a standard computing device with their workplaces and would love to hear from them.

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