The law of unintended consequences is a strange beast. Who'd have thought that a legal battle being fought between two software giants would be giving a severe ear-bashing to a network administrator in Texas.

Yet that's exactly what has happened to Michael Pulk, whose company Pulk and Co is suffering from the fallout from the legal spat between Oracle and SAP. The reason, as reported by Infoworld, is that former SAP subsidiary TomorrowNow is hosted there and because of the ongoing action, lawyers have put the kybosh on any interference with the data centre - even though there are a number of alarms going off - in case evidence is interfered with.

One can't help wishing there was some poetic justice in this. Obviously, there's a legal process to be adhered to but there's little flexibility here. Perhaps, as Pulk points out, the failures that are being ignored could lead to irretrievable data loss and the documents that the lawyers are trying assiduously to protect are lost for good.
Or perhaps the infernal racket masks the sounds of another server failure, possibly servers belonging to another law firm, as Pulk looks after several legal clients. It would be rich justice if the lawyers preventing action on the data centre fault were themselves sued for data loss.