We’re really excited about the changes being introduced with Opsview V4 and thought some more detail might be helpful to our customers and community members.

product-enterprise.jpg Opsview Enterprise

Our flagship monitoring product comes with loads of exciting new features that will make you even more efficient and offer even greater value.

Opsview Enterprise is the culmination of 12 months intensive research and development work by the Opsview team. Its elegant new user interface, configurable dashboards and integrated reports engine lets you present and analyze information the way you want it and diagnose systems alerts with even greater accuracy and speed.

Scaling to over 10,000 devices for each master server with the option of fully automated deployment, Opsview Enterprise is now the leading monitoring tool for on-premise, virtualized and Cloud-based IT infrastructures.

Contact to our sales team to set up a free trial.

product-pro.jpg Opsview Pro

We are also delighted to announce Opsview Pro, specifically designed for use by small to medium businesses (SMBs) wanting a highly capable monitoring solution at an affordable, entry-level price. It shares many of the enterprise capabilities of Opsview Enterprise with coverage up to 100 devices.

Opsview Pro is available now from our webstore.

Opsview Core

We continue to provide our popular free, open source edition that is used by over 20,000 organizations worldwide. Opsview Core comes with feature updates that reflect its core monitoring capabilities.

product-core.jpg Enterprise-grade features like distributed monitoring, SNMP trap processing, slave server clustering, and data warehouse are now exclusive to Opsview Enterprise.

We have made these changes to ensure that we are tailoring the right features to our different types of users and to simplify the code base within Opsview Core.

These changes will only affect a very small sub-set of users, who may now find Opsview Pro or Opsview Enterprise more suited to their needs.


Will there be future releases of Opsview Community 3.x?

Since April 24th 2012 Opsview Community 3.x code has been deprecated and all official development has been moved to Opsview Core.

Can I continue to use my existing Opsview Community 3.x release?

You can continue to use Opsview Community 3.x for as long as you like however we will not be maintaining this release. Opsview Enterprise 3.x will be maintained under the terms of our support agreement.

Is Opsview Core still free, open source software?

Yes, we are committed to maintaining and growing a thriving eco-system of community users for Opsview Core and will continue to license it under GPL v2.

Why are you making these changes?

These changes are being made to help fund our future product development and service capability so will benefit all Opsview users. It also allows us to simplify the Opsview Core code base making it easier to maintain.

Has anybody else done this before?

Yes, these changes bring us inline with many other commercial open source software providers.

When will Opsview Core be available?

Opsview Core will be released in May 2012 and will be available to download from our secure Linux repositories, as a VM appliance or on-demand via Amazon EC2.