The adoption of virtual IT systems is growing rapidly, offering lower costs and improved availability. However virtualization's inherent flexibility brings with it significant management challenges that can't be solved using multiple monitoring tools. Opsview provides a single, consolidated view of all your virtual systems and guests allowing for easier event correlation and rapid time to fix. Combined with native network, enterprise application and Cloud support Opsview offers unparalleled coverage of your entire infrastructure. Here are 10 benefits of choosing Opsview to monitor your virtualized systems:

1. Build up a complete picture of your virtual system's performance.

Opsview gives you complete visibility of the health of your systems, physical and virtual. If you’ve invested heavily in virtualizing servers, you need to ensure that those servers are performing at optimum levels to maximise staff productivity and customer satisfaction. Opsview gives you insight and tools to identify trends, pre-empt problems and plan future capacity, all from one screen.

2. Get notified before problems impact end-users.

Poor user experience costs you money. Customers walk away from systems that lag and staff efficiency is severely impacted by slow business applications. Opsview enables you to fully track the health of your virtual systems and provides an array of rich alerting options that allow you to focus your effort where it’s needed most.

3. Easily group your virtualized hosts/guests by business process.

Opsview makes it easy to manage virtual servers by grouping them in ways that are meaningful to you. By applying keywords to virtual hosts, you can group them together to form business process views and display their status using simple 'traffic lights' to all users in real-time. From Opsview’s user interface you can quickly see the status of groups of virtualized servers and take action if required.

4. Understand the business impact of virtual host/guest issues and resolve them quickly.

Tracking the health and availability of your virtual systems is a significant challenge; reacting quickly to events requires the right information at the right time and with a clear path to implement fault resolution. Opsview Enterprise edition offers enhanced modules to enable you to act on monitoring issues quickly and in a controlled way to reduce the delay between fault and response.


5. Monitor end-to-end performance, not just a single component.

Monitoring any kind of infrastructure whether virtual, physical or cloud is not just about focusing on one component of that infrastructure. That’s why Opsview gives you a fully integrated solution to provide an overall picture of system health and performance to make informed business decisions.

6. Critical monitoring tasks can be automated.

Opsview's Puppet module allows virtualized hosts managed by Puppet to be added automatically into your Opsview monitoring helping ensure availability, provide efficient service and reduce manual errors, cost and complexity.

7. Support for a wide range of virtualization technologies.

Opsview has been designed to work with a wide range of virtual machines and systems including VMware, KVM, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix XenServer.

8. Performance can be Benchmarked.

Reports, available with Opsview Enterprise editon, provide insight into the availability, performance and capacity of your virtual systems for better forward planning and reduced downtime. If you’re providing virtualized servers as a managed service and need to benchmark performance, these reports can be invaluable in helping keep to agreed SLAs. Reports can be customized and automatically distributed to business managers or customers, saving you time and ensuring stakeholders get the information they need.

9. Scales with your infrastructure.

Opsview provides a single, consolidated view of your virtualized servers, cloud environments, or mobile devices, allowing for easier event correlation and rapid time to fix. Opsview’s enterprise architecture is inherently scalable no matter the mix or geography of the systems to be monitored.

10. Industry Recognised.

Opsview are committed to providing technical solutions that are aligned with the demands of the modern enterprise. In recognition to our commitment, Opsview are a VMware Technology Alliance Partner, Open Virtualization Alliance member and have recently joined the Openstack Ecosystem.

Try out virtualization monitoring with Opsview by downloading the Opsview Community edition virtual appliance.