Diversity and women in tech sadly remains a hot topic in the industry, and that extends to the UK. There are plenty of talented women in technology who don't always get the recognition they deserve.

If you’ve seen the film Hidden Figures you’ll know exactly what we're talking about - the film portrays a clear view of the lack of recognition of black women in tech dating back to the space race during the 1960s.

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So, in celebration of Black History Month, we’ve put together a list of some of the UK’s most inspiring black women in tech.

Anne-Marie Imafidon @aimafidon

Co-founder and CEO of Stemettes, Anne-Marie Imafidon is recognised as one of the best women at championing the standing of women in tech.

Stemettes was built to encourage young women to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and has been able to gather thousands of young women to Stemettes’ events to date.

From a young age, Imafidon has always been interested in business, maths and technology and was the youngest girl to pass A-level computing at the age of 11. She has also progressed as a motivational speaker in the industry, participating in several talks on diversity in tech with a strong belief that the issue of diversity can be fixed.

Fumbi Chima @fumbichima

After spending several years in leadership roles for Walmart and now CIO at Burberry, Fumbi Chima has since become a champion for diversity.

In her position as CIO at the fashion brand, Chima heads the company’s technology division and all technology platform upgrades.

Chima is also passionate about diversity and women empowerment and currently leads mentoring opportunities for women in STEM. She is also a board member of global affairs media network Diplomatic Courier.

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Adizah Tejani @Adizah_Tejani

With several years experience as a technology executive, Adizah Tejani has worked in technology since 2009. She is currently director of marketing EMEA at fintech company Token.

Tejani has also worked with global technology companies such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft and more. These were part of large partnerships that Tejani led. She has spoken openly about the impact of technology, business and finance across many global industry events and conferences. 

She is a strong advocate for women in tech and has participated in hosting events with Level39, such as Code First Girls to inspire young girls to enter tech. Tejani was also a part of the CIO 100 judging panel in 2017.

Yodit Stanton @yoditstanton

Founder and CEO of IoT company OpenSensors, Yodit Stanton is an experienced software and data engineer.

Also the founder of the Women in Data initiative, Stanton has stood as a pioneer in bringing women from various tech sectors to learn from each other and share experience in working with data.

Tanya Powell @tanya_powell

A software engineer at Gamesys, Powell is an experienced frontend developer who also provides science and technology coaching at CodebarHQ.

Powell has spoken at Ladies of Code events, where she discussed UK BAME women in tech and the lack of diversity in the sector, which she hopes to change by helping non-profit organisations.

Pamela Hutchinson @pshutch01

Pamela Hutchinson is head of diversity and inclusion EMEA at Bloomberg LP, with several years of experience advocating for diversity within the private sector.

Hutchinson also has over 20 years experience in managing diversity in engineering, financial services, technology and media companies.

Hutchinson was awarded head of diversity of the year in the 2016 European Diversity Awards.

Esther Kuforiji @EstherKuforiji

Currently working as scrum master for the UK Government Legal Department, Kuforiji’s role is to help the government and other organisations understand the potential of technology to transform public services and social interaction.

Also one of two founders of Sisters in Tech, Esther and her sister Anne Kuforiji founded a startup in 2015 to create opportunities for black women and underrepresented women to enter and thrive in the tech industry.

With a strong passion for diversity, Sisters in Tech hosts events and offers an HCI grant to women that have an interest in making tech more diverse.

Chi Onwurah @ChiOnwurah

British Labour Party politician Chi Onwurah is an iconic woman with previous experience as an electrical engineer. She was amongst the team who built the first GSM network for mobile phones in Nigeria.

Now also shadow minister for industrial strategy, science and innovation, Chi is an advocate for digital skills and digital enablement.

Onwurah has shared her passion for diversity over the years and as the chair for Tech London Advocates, she has been involved in various discussions about the challenges of engaging girls with STEM subjects and the overall lack of diversity in the sector.

Jacky Wright https://www.linkedin.com/in/jacky-wright-46b72611/ 

Jacky Wright is a well-known global leader, innovative technologist and STEM advocate.

Wright recently became the chief digital and information officer at the HRMC, and has previous experience in CIO and VP roles from companies such as GE and Microsoft.

Wright has also been a strong advocate for promoting diversity in the tech industry, and she has been passionate about representing women and BAME in the industry for years back.

Ade Adewunmi @Adewunmi

Current industry consultant for the public sector at Think Big Analytics, Adewunmi has years of experience in digital technology.

Adewunmi was formerly the head of data infrastructure at the Government Digital Service (GDS), where she worked for over two years.

Adewunmi also has her own private blog, where she writes about product development and building effective teams and culture in digital organisations based on her passion for diversity in tech.

Camille Drummond https://www.linkedin.com/in/camille-drummond-6b0b2463/ 

As Head of group PPR and function finance at BP, Camille Drummond has years of experience in finance and technology.

Also a member of the Women in Banking and Finance group, Drummond has shared her experience as a woman in the industry; she has also been amongst a group of employees at BP helping the organisation embrace diversity.

Drummond is an ambassador for BP UK PEN and chaired the BP Women’s network in Canary Wharf. She was also awarded the STEM leader of the year award in 2015 at the Black British Business Awards.

Nneka Orji https://www.linkedin.com/in/nneka-orji-03873523/ 

Senior manager at Deloitte UK consulting, Nneka Orji has worked for the firm for over three years and has many years experience in finance and oil and gas.

Orji is also a co-chairperson of the company’s multicultural network and a constants contributor to the internal consulting women in leadership newsletters.

For over five years, Orji has been a mentor for the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women as part of her interest in driving ethnic diversity for women.

Orji was also awarded the Professional services rising star award at the Black British Business Awards in 2015.

Adiba Maduegbuna @AdibaMaduegbuna

As an Android developer, Maduegbuna has years of experience in building real time android apps and proof of concepts.

Maduegbuna is also a community leader at the Anita Borg Institute for women in technology. She has also participated in women in tech events to boost diversity in the industry.

Patrice John-Baptiste https://www.linkedin.com/in/patrice-john-baptiste-3b57a538/ 

Patrice John-Baptiste is a senior account manager at Thwaites Communications.

As an advocate for diversity in tech, John-Baptiste has voiced her opinion on the lack of ethnic minorities at women in tech events, especially those dedicated to diversity.

John-Baptiste has also been part of the Open Data Institute as part of OpenActive.

Ebi Osuobeni @Ebi_Osuobeni

Ebi Osuobeni is a cybersecurity business development executive at Darktrace.

She is also a filmmaker and creator of The Transmit, a web series which follows the best black talent and Oscillate Tech TV, a YouTube web series which showcases the best in tech and innovation.

Osuobeni is an example of a black woman in tech who uses her skills to embrace black talent within the industry.

Dionne Condor-Farrell https://www.linkedin.com/in/dionnecondorfarrell/ 

Condor-Farrell is a senior developer at Transport for London (TfL), and has previous experience working as a developer at the University of Nottingham and University of Manchester.

Alongside her role, Condor-Farrell is also a founding member of UKBlackTech, a startup organisation which believes in the power of diversity and advancing equality in tech.

Natalie Nzeyimana https://www.linkedin.com/in/natalienzeyimana/ 

Nzeyimana is lead strategist at Nuanced, a digital and strategy studio she co-founded, with previous IT experience following graduate roles at ARM.

She was a speaker at the Tech Night LDN event in 2016, where she discussed her experience breaking into tech as a woman.

Nzeyimana has also been recognised as an advocate for People of Colour in Tech, where she was featured in discussion of her tech journey.

Lola Odelola https://www.linkedin.com/in/lola-odelola-6b27a194/

Software engineer at 38 Degrees, Odelola is a self-taught web developer following her gaining a degree in English and creative writing.

She is also the founder of Blackgirl.tech, a non-profit organisation that is committed to helping black girls and women learn and explore technology.

Odelola is also passionate about diversity, she has spoken at several events such as Project Ada in 2016, where she shared the need for better hiring practices to improve gender diversity in tech.

June Angelides @JuneAngelides

Founder and CEO of Mums in Technology, Angelides is a former banker who started the organisation in 2015 whilst on her second maternity leave.

She is passionate advocate for the rights of working mums and women in tech and was a speaker at the most recent Diversity in Technology event.

Angelides is passionate in inspiring a cultural change in organisations and also helping close the gender gap in tech with the development of Mums in Technology

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