Almost half of the 10 biggest tech companies by revenue have just one female board member, Techworld can reveal.

The average proportion of women on large tech companies' boards is 18 percent: occupying 20 out of 113 seats.

women in tech

Four of the 10 tech giants have one female board member: Panasonic, Sony, Samsung and Foxconn. Two companies (Apple and Microsoft) have just two women on their boards.

At 30 percent, Amazon has the highest proportion of women on its board of directors out of the largest 10 tech firms.

However Panasonic languishes at the bottom with just one woman on its board of 17 directors, equivalent to six percent. Sony doesn’t fare much better: its one female director has 14 male peers.

US tech giants HP and IBM both have female CEOs in Meg Whitman and Ginni Rometty but still have boards where 25 percent and 23 percent of seats are occupied by women.

Foxconn and Samsung both have one woman out of nine on their boards, equivalent to 11 percent.

In response to Techworld’s query an Apple spokesman highlighted comments from CEO Tim Cook’s that he was “not satisfied with the numbers” and has “been working hard for quite some time to improve them”.

For a full breakdown of the numbers, percentages, and a brief profile of each of the women on the boards, see the infographic below.