This week saw even more news around the mobile payment industry. Soon, Facebook Messenger will allow users to send money to their friends through the app. This will initially be available only to US users on Android and iOS devices, as well as on the messaging section of Facebook’s website. The announcement follows a wider trend from large companies adopting payment systems, such as Snapchat, who last year introduced ‘Snapcash’. 

Google, Intel and Tag Heuer, the high end watch company, have teamed up to create a luxury Android Wear smartwatch - this is a first to market luxury watch that connects with a mobile phone and will be based on one of their most popular watches - the black Carrera.

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Some interesting research was revealed this week about the forecasting technology used by retailers to help monitor their supply chain. Twenty-eight per cent of retailers said that they use spreadsheets instead of robust IT software and a third of retailers don’t use this kind of technology at all. What’s more, the average age of companies’ software is 10.5 years!

Further research highlights another lack of digitisation in retailing, with only 55 percent of customer queries and questions asked over email, Twitter and other web channels actually being answered. Apparently, email response has dramatically reduced since last year, highlighting the need for retailers to adopt and implement more up to date systems and technology, to improve customer experience.

There has been lots of news this week around the introduction of new TV platforms. This includes Apple TV, which is set to stream 25 channels across all devices. In addition to this, Vodafone are also preparing to launch their own pay-TV service later this year. It will store programmes online and enable users to view them across multiple devices, with each household member able to create their own profile.

This year at SXSW, the key and dominant theme for the conference was ‘mobile’. This was evident in what was discussed, as well as the key theme among finalists of the prestigious SXSW Accelerator competition – competition entrants, who were made up of start-ups, had to pitch their concepts and products to a panel of judges.