Talech's latest research has highlighted that retailers are still lagging behind in their adoption of technology, even though consumers are increasingly expecting stores to offer tablet-based checkouts, loyalty programs and store-branded smartphone apps. Despite nearly half of consumers saying they want to see tablets in store, only 22% of retailers think customers want them to do so for payments.

Could foldable phones emerge as early as next year? Samsung has suggested that this may well be possible by the end of 2016, with new phones like the LG G Flex 2 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge recently being put it into practice - it’s only natural that foldable phones are the next target.

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Vodafone is getting into the business of contactless payments by allowing its customers to add bank cards to their digital wallets in the coming months. Through the use of an app the new function will also allow them to keep a record of their transaction history via their mobile.

Google is teaming up with Johnson and Johnson to collaborate on a robot-assisted surgical platform in an attempt to improve surgery processes. Google's machine vision and image analysis software will help surgeons see more clearly as they operate. The partnership could also see the provision of surgeons being able to access the right data at the right time – perhaps an element where we could see Google Glass come back into play.

IBM has announced its plans to invest over £2bn in an Internet of Things unit over the next few years. The new services are set to be focused mainly in the cloud – and in a similar vein – IBM also announced that a unit of The Weather Company will move its weather data services on to IBM’s cloud, so that customers can use the data in tandem with the computer giant’s analytics tools.