Meet TickX, the 'Skyscanner for events' startup that compares ticket prices from major vendors in one site and smartphone app.

Entrepreneurs Steve Pearce, 23, and Sam Coley, 22, launched ticket price comparison site TickX back in 2014 but the pair has risen to prominence more recently, nominated 'young entrepreneurs to watch' in 2016 by Virgin. 

Founders Steve Pearce and Sam Coley © TickX
Founders Steve Pearce and Sam Coley © TickX

The site aims to replicate the success of Gocompare and Skyscanner, but for the events industry.

Partnering with the UK's leading ticket sellers,, which uses Rackspace's cloud platform, pulls 45,000 events from 20 ticket sellers into one feed, letting users compare prices for club nights, sports, comedy, gigs and festivals.

"For every ticket sale that we drive to our partners via TickX, we receive a commission for being the driving force behind the sale. So these are sales that might not have ordinarily existed without us.

"We are essentially a marketing channel for them to reach a new audience," says TickX co-founder Steve Pearce.

"I was at Manchester University studying economics and I remember getting really frustrated with having to click through all the Facebook groups and online ticket sellers and I just thought why is there no one single platform for every event in the city?" says Pearce

Steve and Sam launched TickX as a beta in December 2014 and have been working to improve the site ever since.

Meet Sam

TickX co-founder Sam Coley has been 'obsessed' with business and technology from a very young age. At 14 he developed marine auction site SAMTEQ while learning code along the way.

By 17, he was earning £70,000 to £80,000 a year. SAMTEQ has delivered website, touchscreen, app and cloud development for the NHS, RSBP and Balmoral Castle.

Meet Steve

TickX co-founder Steve Pearce initially contacted SAMTEQ to set up his club night listing site. After its success, Steve approached Sam to partner with him on TickX. At the time Steve was working as an account manager at an IT distribution company.

Sam was impressed by the club night site's success and became co-founder of TickX.

© TickX


TickX has received significant investment from Ministry of Sound, making them lead investor of the £175,000 funding TickX has received to date.

As a 'hands on' investor, Ministry of Sound also provides TickX with office space in London and a support network of peers in the music and technology industry.

Steve and Sam receive mentoring from former vice president of European development at Ticketmaster, Tim Chambers and additional investment from The Highlands and Island Enterprise.

What's next?

"Our competitors come in the form of artist tracks, which inform users of an artist’s upcoming tours. These include Song Kick and Bands in Town which have both raised in excess of $60 million each in investment. So they are our main competitors, but in essence we are the first of our kind in Europe," says Pearce.

"By the end of 2016 we want to be the go to platform for event-goers in the UK and be expanding into Europe," he added.