If you work in the technology sector, you’ll have noticed one topic has loomed large over the past year: diversity, or more specifically, the lack of it within the tech industry

The statistics make for stark reading. The share of female computing degree graduates has plummeted from over 35 percent in 1984 to under 20 percent today. The proportion of black and Hispanic employees in big tech companies rarely reaches over 5 percent. And that is before you get into less visible issues of ability, sexuality or economic background.

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This isn’t just a moral issue. It’s also a financial one. There is a plethora of evidence that diverse companies return higher profits. And imagine all the innovations we may be missing out on due to the de facto exclusion of the majority of the population. While it’s healthy for tech companies do a bit of soul-searching about this issue, it’d be even better to see them take action.

The good news is, there is plenty they can do. This guide is packed with advice on concrete steps companies can take to open themselves up to a wider group. From hiring to promotion to retention, we suggest the policies you need to ensure you’re hiring and retaining the best people. We also have tips on how to ensure you run more inclusive events and some perspectives from female founders on their biggest challenges. Finally, we talk to Maxine Williams, Facebook’s Chief Diversity Officer, who reveals how the company is boosting representation.

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