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  • Mike Simons

    Mike Simons

    Mike Simons is an award winning IT and business journalist, Mike is particularly focused on major IT projects and public sector IT. His fascination with the business and social impact of technology began at university, where he obtained an MSc at the Science Policy Research Unit of Sussex University.

  • Nick Halstead

    Nick Halstead

    An insight from a leading entrepreneur into the London tech scene, human data intelligence/analytics and data privacy.

  • Nick McKenna

    Nick McKenna

    CEO of McKenna Consultants, Harrogate. Bespoke software development, App Dev, Agile Testing and Agile Coaching. Certified Scrum Coach, Master and Professional. SAFe Program Consultant. Certified Scrum Coach, Master and Professional.

  • Sarah Drinkwater

    Sarah Drinkwater

    Sarah heads up Campus London, Google’s physical space for startups, offering entrepreneurs a support network, workspace, mentoring and more. Previously, Sarah led a global community team for Google Maps, consulted for startups and big brands on community, content and social, and was a journalist.

  • Suranga Chandratillake

    Suranga Chandratillake

    Suranga Chandratillake, partner at VC firm Balderton Capital

  • Will Moore

    Will Moore

    Will has worked in content marketing, social media and technology journalism for nearly a decade.

  • Zarek Rahman

    Zarek Rahman

    I’m an independent corporate and commercial solicitor. I specialise in advising on tech matters and run the techlawyer.co.uk site. I love being involved with startups and disruptive tech. I handhold and advise founders from the early stages of an idea on business structures, legal viability and implementation of new products and services as well as raising funds and exits. My blog aims to demystify some legal concepts and barriers which might scare people thinking of starting up in tech.