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  • Charlotte Jee

    Charlotte Jee

    Charlotte is the former editor of Techworld.

  • Dan Hartveld

    Dan Hartveld

    Thinking through the evolving role of the CTO and discussing enterprise IT strategies, particularly in retail.

  • David Murray-Hundley

    David Murray-Hundley

    Former LinkedIn European Business Leader of the Year, David Murray-Hundley is a chairman, adviser and NED of a number of tech companies.

  • Dee Murphy

    Dee Murphy

    Dee is an Organisational Psychologist, Career Strategist and Jobbio's Expert In Residence. An expert in Employer Branding, with a special interest in human development and effectiveness, she's an advocate for disruptive thinking, and specialises in the study of what makes people happy and successful in the workplace.

  • Eric Van der Kleij

    Eric Van der Kleij

    Eric Van der Kleij is Head of Level39, Europe's largest accelerator space focussing on finance, retail, cyber, and future-cities technologies, and special adviser to the Canary Wharf Group on its proposition and strategy for technology companies. Eric is also MD of Pivotal Innovations.

  • Glenn Shoosmith

    Glenn Shoosmith

    This blog covers retail innovation from the perspective of companies solving interesting technical and experience challenges. Working with leading retail brands, Glenn Shoosmith is founder and CEO of BookingBug, whose scheduling and appointments platform is a key part of making omnichannel a reality for high street brands.

  • Hannah Blake

    Hannah Blake

    Hannah Blake is innovation director at media agency MEC. Hannah is tasked with bringing new technologies and digital products to all areas of the media agency's portfolio companies and is helping to facilitate interesting partnerships across the business.

  • Industry Insight

    Industry Insight

    Industry Insight

  • James Caan

    James Caan

    James Caan CBE is best known for joining the panel of the hit BBC show Dragons’ Den and The Business Class on CNBC.

  • James Olden

    James Olden

    I have been in the marketing and advertising industry for over 20 years. For the past three years I have been involved with new brands - the startups and innovators looking to make their mark. I ensure these businesses reach and engage with the audiences they want to interact with. With lower barriers and a switched on audience there's never been a better time for them to succeed.

  • Jeremy Green

    Jeremy Green

    Jeremy is Principal Analyst at Machina Research. He focusses on Connected Vehicles, other Connected Things, and the opportunities and challenges created by the data that they produce.

  • John E Dunn

    John E Dunn

    John is one of the cofounders of Techworld, having previously edited several technology titles including Network World, Network Week and LAN Magazine.

  • Laurie Clarke

    Laurie Clarke

    Laurie is a staff writer for IDG titles including Techworld, Computerworld UK and CIO UK. She studied psychology followed by a Masters in Journalism, and has since worked in marketing and as a freelance consumer insight writer. Her particular interests include consumer tech, startup tech culture and how technology is shaping society.

  • Luther Knight

    Luther Knight

    A European mobile technology specialist at IBM with a keen interest in mobile strategies and developing IT skills.

  • Matthew Finnegan

    Matthew Finnegan

    Matthew Finnegan joined IDG UK in January 2013, having spent two years writing for tech news titles including TechEye and ChannelBiz.