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  • Aoife Geary

    Aoife Geary

    Aoife Geary is an Irish journalist specialising in the areas of Workplace Culture, Diversity, Startups and Digital Trends. She’s fond of a burrito and even more fond of a bad pun. Aoife works with tech companies to build their brand and engage talent through storytelling.

  • Azita Esmaili

    Azita Esmaili

    Technologist and business mentor with passion for digital, how it grows and connects. Passionate about datafication, IoT and the effect of AI on human lives, how it can improve it as a result of learning from the past but always thinking ahead.

  • Bertie Stephens

    Bertie Stephens

    Bertie Stephens is CEO and Founder of online shopping service Flubit. In this column he’ll be sharing his advice and tips on how to run a startup, how to raise capital, dealing with investors and some general do’s and don'ts as well as keeping you up to speed with Flubit, what we’re up to and other industry news.

  • Chloe Dobinson

    Chloe Dobinson

    After graduating from London South Bank University having studied Multimedia Journalism, Chloe joined CIO UK as an online editor. She has a particular interest in digital strategy, UK startups and developing IT skills.

  • David Murray-Hundley

    David Murray-Hundley

    Former LinkedIn European Business Leader of the Year, Tech world and Smarta Winner, David Murray-Hundley is a chairman, adviser and NED of a number of tech companies. He is CEO of Adaro Red and now, having once been a humble employee of the very same firm, he is the new founder of Commerce One "the next generation". Yet, even with a workload to rival a few peoples schedules put together he still doesn't feel like he actually "works" for a living.

  • Dee Murphy

    Dee Murphy

    Dee is an Organisational Psychologist, Career Strategist and Jobbio's Expert In Residence. An expert in Employer Branding, with a special interest in human development and effectiveness, she's an advocate for disruptive thinking, and specialises in the study of what makes people happy and successful in the workplace.

  • Eric Van der Kleij

    Eric Van der Kleij

    Eric Van der Kleij is Head of Level39, Europe's largest accelerator space focussing on finance, retail, cyber, and future-cities technologies, and special adviser to the Canary Wharf Group on its proposition and strategy for technology companies. Eric is also MD of Pivotal Innovations.

  • Glenn Shoosmith

    Glenn Shoosmith

    This blog covers retail innovation from the perspective of companies solving interesting technical and experience challenges. Working with leading retail brands, Glenn Shoosmith is founder and CEO of BookingBug, whose scheduling and appointments platform is a key part of making omnichannel a reality for high street brands.

  • Hannah Blake

    Hannah Blake

    Hannah Blake is innovation director at media agency MEC. Hannah is tasked with bringing new technologies and digital products to all areas of the media agency's portfolio companies and is helping to facilitate interesting partnerships across the business.

  • Hannah Williams

    Hannah Williams

    Hannah is Staff Writer. After graduating from the University of Coventry with an English and Journalism degree in 2016, Hannah has since developed an interest in the technology. She has a keen interest in digital transformation, innovative and emerging tech, IoT and women in tech.

  • James Caan

    James Caan

    James Caan CBE is best known for joining the panel of the hit BBC show Dragons’ Den and The Business Class on CNBC.

  • Mike Simons

    Mike Simons

    Mike Simons is an award winning IT and business journalist, Mike is particularly focused on major IT projects and public sector IT. His fascination with the business and social impact of technology began at university, where he obtained an MSc at the Science Policy Research Unit of Sussex University.

  • Nick Halstead

    Nick Halstead

    An insight from a leading entrepreneur into the London tech scene, human data intelligence/analytics and data privacy.

  • Nick McKenna

    Nick McKenna

    CEO of McKenna Consultants, Harrogate. Bespoke software development, App Dev, Agile Testing and Agile Coaching. Certified Scrum Coach, Master and Professional. SAFe Program Consultant. Certified Scrum Coach, Master and Professional.

  • Sarah Drinkwater

    Sarah Drinkwater

    Sarah heads up Campus London, Google’s physical space for startups, offering entrepreneurs a support network, workspace, mentoring and more. Previously, Sarah led a global community team for Google Maps, consulted for startups and big brands on community, content and social, and was a journalist.