There's an old saying: When you sup with the Devil, use a long spoon.

I don't know whether Zune, which is Microsoft's attempt to counter and beat the Apple iPod, is yet another naming mistake from the company that gave us One-Care (though yes, I know Wang Care got there first), or a quite deliberate statement of the company's high regard for all those other media player manufacturers who have bought its software and supported its media formats.

For according to postings all over the web, Zune is sounds just like the Hebrew word for coitus - in fact it is spelt the same, according to a poster on the blog site Livejournal.

Meanwhile, a poster elsewhere points out that Zune also closely resembles "zoune", a Quebecois-French slang word for the male organ.

Most commentators seem to think that, as and when Zune finally reaches the market, it will be the manufacturers of generic MP3 players - many of them running on Windows Mobile - who will suffer before Apple does.

The message for all the hardware partners who supported Microsoft's PlaysForSure scheme, such as Creative Labs, iRiver and Samsung, is clear - you've just been shafted.