We'd all but forgotten about the 802.11s standard - but it could add useful resilience to home and office networks.

Joanie Wexler reports that PacketHop is offering pre-standard software for end-point Wi-Fi meshes. That is, software that lets clients - laptops and the likes - forward data amongst themselves.

PacketHop spoke about this a couple of years back. It is aiming at the 802.11s standard which goes back a year further.

These aren't the same as the outdoor municipal meshes that are struggling along despite no longer being very trendy. These kind of meshes never even had that sort of hype to them. Two years ago, we thought we smelt an argument brewing over 802.11s, but if one developed, it didn't cause much excitement.

PacketHop wants to sell its software to hardware vendors, in the hope that it becomes an expected part of many Wi-Fi devices, so if it takes off you may be more or less unaware of it. And it's also going to be a slow haul - the standard isn't expected till the end of 2009.