We're not kidding when we say 802.11n has opened the can of worms that is Wi-Fi architecture.

Craig Mathias said as much in a comment last week, and we predicted it a year ago.

The last couple of days convinced me it's really true. All we ever heard about thin and fat access points, centralised, and distributed controllers, is out the window now. It's true as far as it goes, but the Wi-Fi landscape is shifting.

Today, we've got announcements from Meru (don't use channel-planning use blanket controllers) and Aerohive (don't use controllers at all). Going live any time now is one from Ruckus (don't use the 5GHz channel). They're all taking contrarian positions, and they've all got solutions with backers in the market.

And there's more in the pipeline, you can be sure of that - especially as Interop is round the corner. Announcements are coming forward to meet the big jamboree in Vegas (Ruckus' enterprise-size controller isn't due till July, and Meru's four-radio blanket AP isn't due till a vaguer "Q3"). I'm expecting to hear from a few more vendors this week with other exciting claims.

...and then spend the rest of the year trying to track down the products to check the claims out. The Ruckus mesh sounds like something it will be fun to try out, and we've yet to get our hands on Meru or Aerohive kit, but we will.