RedFly is a laptop-shaped companion for Windows Mobile phones that looks to have learnt the lessons of the ill-fated Palm Foleo.

It's coming soon to the UK at Expansys and costs £330 for a 2lb screen and keyboard, that connects to your windows Mobile phone using USB or Bluetooth. It's from Celio, and bears more than a passing resemblance to the Foleo which Palm launched and dropped in 2007.


Since Foleo, we've had a boom in low-cost laptops, though. For a lower price, at that weight, why not get an Asus Eee, we wondered? Looking at reviews on other sites (such as Brighthand), we can see the reasoning behind this one.

It's got no operating system and no storage as far as we can tell (apparently not even a solid state disk). It's got USB ports to add drives to the phone, but basically, it's just a WVGA screen and a sane-sized keyboard. What it delivers is good battery life.

The biggest grumble friends have with their Asus Eees is its distinctly average battery life - RedFly reviewers say they get more than nine hours life - and it extends the bettery life of the phone by shutting the screen off and charging it over USB.

That's enough to have me anticipating this device with some interest (though I don't currently have a Windows Mobile phone)