Why hasn't Nexsan announced a de-duplication strategy? Are its confident SATAboy and SATAbeast days behind it?

Nexsan is the only other vendor, apart from Copan, that has a massive array of idle disks (MAID) product. HDS' power-down doesn't cut it in disk density and TB/sq in terms.

Yet it has allowed Copan to forge ahead with its FalconStor de-dupe thus making the Copan MAID many times better in terms of raw data storage capacity. Why spend dollars on Nexsan storage when you can get five or more times more capacity for the same dollars with Copan?

The irony is that Nexsan uses FalconStor's virtual tape library (VTL) software. So why doesn't it simply announce it's going to use FalconStor's de-dupe too? What is the problem?

It had a relationship with Diligent in 2005 for virtual tape functionality. Is that the problem? But Diligent has a mid-market version of ProtecTIER. Overland has just started OEM'ming it. Is the Nexsan processor architecture inadequate for Diligent's inline de-dupe needs?

A new chief marketing officer, Bob Woolery, was appointed in September. Is he involved in this delay? Because Nexsan does have to announce a de-dupe capability. It's effectively committing suicide as a storage supplier for backup and other persistent data if it does not.

Nexsan is already plugging the green message: "Nexsan's storage solutions are green-enabled in order to deliver dramatic power savings. For example, where conventional fiber channel storage consumes 187KW of energy per petabyte, the Nexsan Assureon system in Level 3 AutoMAID idle mode consumes just 6KW." Shove the raw data capacity up tenfold or even more with de-dupe and see Nexsan's KW/PB ratio shoot up.

What is the problem here?

Brendan Kinkade, who was the marketing VP in October 2006, sent me this mail then: "In the 5.0 release, currently in development and scheduled for release in early '07, in non-compliance mode, we will de-duplicate the file in 32K or 64K blocks." Nexsan already had file-level de-dupe then.

What happened? Has Kinkade been sent down the plank? He was in post in April this year, also apparently August.

Gary Watson, Chief Technology Officer, was being the quote source in a press release in September. So what happened in August and September to send Kinkade over the side and have Woolery come on board?

On Linkedin Kinkade is listed as a Los Angeles Area Marketing Executive at Kinkade & Co with a start month of August, 2007. There is no website for that company.

On his appointment Woolery was quoted as saying: "We intend to significantly reinforce Nexsan's leadership position this year and establish the company as one of the aggressive new leaders in the storage market around the world." So where are the SASboy and SASbeast products? Where is the de-dupe functionality Kinkade mentioned? It doesn't appear to be happening yet Bob.