The apparent delay to a US deployment of 802.11n was actually a typo, it turns out. Morrisville is full steam ahead.

Yesterday I blogged about an 802.11n deployment, which was apparently delayed. There was a big discrepancy between the roll-out on the vendor's press release and the delivery date on the web site of the user company, Morrisville State College in New York. I asked for clarification and, not getting any, jumped to the obvious conclusion - vendor exaggeration.

It turns out I was wrong. Morrisville has got in touch to assure me that they do indeed have more than 700 802.11a/b/g/n access points deployed over their campus. There was a typo on their site.

It seems likely that there could be quite a few 802.11n deployments in higher education, as Dell'Oro analyst Elmer Choy explained to me. Colleges are the only places where there is a huge influx of new laptops every year, so they will get 802.11n clients much quicker than anyone else. "Only higher education is even talking about 802.11n at this stage," says Choy.

He expects 802.11n to be less than ten percent of the enterprise Wi-Fi market in 2008.