I just had a marketing email from a Wi-Fi vendor, which amused me for two reasons. There's the usual faux pas of sending marketing material to journalists, who tend to be allergic to the stuff, plus a new one - it promises that its access point radiates less than 100Mw.

Ouch! And sizzle sizzle... 100 megawatts at 2.4Ghz - microwave oven frequency - should be enough to cook him, me and anyone else within range, I suspect.

Of course, since I'm being pedantic I have to acknowledge that 100Mw is not 100 megawatts. The SI symbol for watts is W, with a lower-case w having no SI meaning. (I have to admit that I've never really understood why SI insists that when a unit is derived from a person's name, the symbol is capitalised but the full name of the unit is not.)

Have a good weekend, everyone.