It's not that I'm anti-social and Victor Meldrew isn't a relation of mine either. But these social networking website requests to become someone's friend/colleague/buddy/whatever are beginning to get a nuisance.

How many social networks do you belong to? Facebook? LinkedIn? Wayne? Friends Reunited?

It's all too much. Like Internet search all I use is Google. Why go any place else? Need a quick update of what a term means? Then it's Wikipedia; there's absolutely no reason to go to Encarta or the Encyclopaedia Britannica website. Do I want to share photos? Then Flickr is fast, easy and reliable.

We only want one site to do some specific but general activity. We don't need lots. Life is too short to be juggling three or more social networtking sites with e-mail messages kept behind their walled gardens and discreet advertising there or coming to fund the damn things.

In fact I don't even want to use Facebook or its ilk for anything. I already got e-mail and attachments. Why the hell do I need Facebook? What does it do for me? And don't get me started on SecondLife. Talk about a time-wasting drag.

PS. I'm actually going to start my own social networking site - Me and Victor are already registered. Why don't you come and join us? If you tell me to bog off then I'll give you an automatic and lifetime free membership.