During the course of storage reporting and writing work I met Will Trotman at Sony Storage UK headquarters at Weybridge in Surrey, and did so a few times. He won't be doing it any more.

He did a good fist of putting forward the Sony AIT position. So he should, he was a senior product manager for AIT.

I've recently had my doubts of course. Low-end tape is under attack from disk-to-disk backup, both USB-connected external drives and removable disk cartridges. But Will did a good job of putting forward a pitch differentiating AIT from the other low-end tape products.

It's no use asking him any more questions though. He's walked, left, exited the building, done an about face - and joined Sun.

Will become's Sun's UK storage representative - I don't have any further title information. That's good news for for Sun. Less so, I fear, for Sony. He replaces Martin Warren, an ex-StorageTek man inherited by Sun with the StorageTek acquisition, who left last November. He was another good guy and will have left a hole behind. The size of the hole can be seen by the fact that it's taken around six months to find a replacement.

Martin is now senior product marketing manager for Symantec EMEA. I believe he's joined fellow ex-StorageTek person Ken Bailey who joined Symantec's Veritas unit via a stint at Njini.

We're left wondering if Will Trotman's move is just a career sidestep for more money, fulfillment, development, etc., or whether there is something more general in his departure from the AIT ship to join Sun's vessel. Was he voting with his feet?